Team module

Team module

Responsive Team module for joomla 3.x and joomla 2.5.

There are thirteen versions and all thirteen are included on the purchase. Live demo


  • Unlimited items
  • Name, title and text info for each item
  • Facebbok, Twitter, Flickr, Email and read more for each item (Version1 and Version2)
  • Facebbok, Twitter, Googleplus, Pinterest, Linkedin and read more for each item (Version4)
  • Facebbok, Twitter,  Pinterest, Instagram, Email and read more for each item (Version6, version7, version8, version10, version11, version12 and version13)
  • Items per row at your choice (Version1)
  • Item distance at your choice
  • Items sliding (version2, version3,  version4,  version5,  version6, version7, version8, version10, version11 and version12 )
  • Skills with percentage (version3)
  • Many social media icons (version3)
  • Max 15 items for version9
  • Background color selector for version11, version12 and version13

Version 12 has four different styles included.

Package of thirteen modules for $29.90. If you want only one module for $9.90 CONTACT US.