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Popup Panels

Popup Panels

Popup panels joomla module loads modules, custom text, YouTube, Vimeo vidoes or google maps. Add as many items you want and re-order them easily. Is very useful joomla extension to show modules or custom items in pages you want with popups. The module has the option of four popup styles: top, bottom, right, left. You may select in the module settings which one is the best for your website layout.

  • Item load - Custom, Module, YouTube Video, Vimeo Video, Google map
  • Popup Type - none, auto
  • Popup Position - left, right, bottom, top
  • Popup animation - fadeIn, slideInTop, slideInBottom, slideInRight, slideInLeft, slideTop, slideBottom, slideLeft, slideRight
  • Popup Width
  • Popup Height
  • Animation time
  • Popup Background Color
  • Popup text Color
  • Popup Padding
  • Overlay Visible - Yes, No
  • Overlay Background Color
  • Page animate - Yes, No
  • Background Effect - blur, scale, moveUp, moveDown, moveLeft, moveRight
  • Button - Icons or text

  • Buttons position - Absolute, fixed, relative
  • Buttons display - Vertical, horizontal
  • Horizontal position - Right or Left
  • Distance
  • Vertical position - Top, bottom
  • Distance
  • Buttons Radius
  • Buttons Text Color
  • Buttons Background
  • Font awesome - Yes, No
  • Load jquey script - Yes, No

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